As in a flash of lightning we are born

Hi! I´m Vianney. Mexico City.
I love books. Multifandom. Anime & manga. Shadowhunter/Winchester/Sherlockian thing .Totally in love with James Herondale and I know he will ruin my life more than William did.



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Kise’s Modeling Career

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That last panel tho XD

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Love Food? This blog is for you.

Unicorn´s food

Franco De Vita  Ft. Carlos Rivera

Y tú te vas.


(Like really in live)


This is a very important gif set of dean and cas winking at each other and i’m going to go hide my face grinning into a blanket now like i always do when these two idiots wink at each other, goodbye. 

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“El que quiera ser águila que vuele, el que quiera ser gusano que se arrastre pero que no grite cuando lo pisen”

—   Emiliano Zapata